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Book review: The Diviners by Libba Bray

5 Stars. Triggers for sexual assault, murder, violence.

I love Libba Bray. It took me far too long to read her work, but now I find myself in the horrible position of running out of Bray books to consume! Despite really enjoying all of Bray’s writing, and despite having purchased the first book when it came out years ago, and despite my mother and multiple friends telling me I needed to finally start reading it, I only just picked up The Diviners. I don’t regret it, though, because I’m currently suffering a pretty brutal pandemic-induced reading slump, and The Diviners turned out to be exactly what I needed. And what is even better is that I have three more books in the series to get me through what is sure to be a bleak and lonely winter.

The Diviners seems to have everything…at least everything I love. It’s set in 1920s New York City, a time in history I absolutely love to explore. It centers on a group of misfit teens who happen to have extraordinary supernatural abilities and are called upon to use those gifts (or curses) to protect the world from dangerous paranormal beings. It’s light, exciting, full of adventure, has a dash of romance, and is also genuinely terrifying at times! The Diviners is a scary-ass book!

Evie has outgrown her town in Ohio, and when she missteps at a party–using her supernatural ability to reveal an ugly truth about the town’s golden boy–she’s sent away to live with her oddball Uncle Will in Manhattan. She accepts this punishment, gladly. Once in New York City, she resolves to make the most of it. She enjoys shopping, attending glamorous variety shows, and visiting speakeasies about town! She blossoms into her true flapper self. But she can’t seem to stay out of trouble, which puts her uncle in a tough spot. His Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult isn’t exactly the hottest ticket in town, and Evie isn’t making his life any easier. But luckily, she finds a way to make herself useful to Will.

Not long into her stay in the city, Naughty John, a brutal serial killer, starts making his presence known. Will is called to consult on the case, and Evie can’t help but get involved. What they don’t know, at least at first, is that this case will put them in the middle of dangerous occult dealings. Evie, her uncle, and her unique set of rag-tag friends have to put the pieces together to stop Naughty John’s rise to power (and subsequent end of the world as we know it).

Bray’s writing is always sharp, smart, and witty. It shouldn’t have surprised me that The Diviners ended up being very political and historically detailed, having read her other work, but Bray went above and beyond with this one. I really appreciated how politically aware it was! Classism and racism are addressed head on, with generational clashes causing tensions along the way. I’m sure this will continue with the rest of the series.

Each character is well developed and a pleasure to spend time with. It’s also nice to have a relatively diverse crew. We’re still getting to know them in this first book, but I see the seeds of a deeply connected squad growing. I love found family stories, especially if there is an element of Scooby gang mixed in!

While Bray writes for a teen audience, there is nothing simplified or glossed over about The Diviners. This series is just as appropriate for someone firmly in their adult years as it is for someone in their mid-teens. I guarantee you’ll learn a little something about history as well, no matter how old you are! This book not only kept my attention during a particularly difficult and distracting time, but it also fully delighted and entertained me. Reading usually gives me a break from the world, but lately it’s been hard to escape into a book even for a few minutes. The Diviners gave that back to me, and I appreciate it. Looking forward to picking up book two: Lairs of Dreams.

Published 09/18/2012.

Are We All Reading The Stand Right Now?

Book covers of The Stand from Goodreads

Whether you picked it up just before lockdown or were inspired by real life events to crack open this Stephen King tome, it sure does feel like we’ve all found ourselves reading The Stand during a gosh-darn pandemic! At least, that’s what Bookstagram and several horror podcasts have led me to believe. And I myself am actually working my way through the unabridged edition. I picked it up months before COVID-19 reared its ugly head in my city.

People have had interesting and strong reactions to current events when it comes to content consumption. Some people are understandably terrified enough by life as it is and have no interest in picking up a plague book or pressing play on Contagion or Quarantine. But some of us have been gobbling up plague content like it’s the last Thanksgiving before humanity ceases to exist as we know it! Hello, I am one of those people.

I feel comforted by The Stand in ways I normally feel comforted while reading King, and in some surprising new ways! I love his story and character work, and despite the subject matter of this over 1,400-page book, I find myself getting caught up in the tale. My mind is taken away from the real life horrors outside for a little while. I also have enjoyed saying to myself, “Well, at least that’s not happening…yet.” And that makes me feel better! I clearly am not alone.

So if you’re taking comfort in The Stand right now and want to feel a bit more like part of a community, check out the recent content currently being made that you can enjoy!

Castle Rock Radio Podcast: Hosted by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle, this podcast focuses on the world of King and all he touches. So naturally, they’re reading their way through The Stand! Listen to their recaps mixed in with other regular episodes.

The Company of the Mad, The Stand Podcast: Hosted by Jason Sechrest and featuring author Tananarive Due, director Mike Flanagan, and journalist Anthony Breznican. They’re reading and talking their way through The Stand as a group, throwing their personal expertise into the conversation along the way.

Books in the Freezer Podcast Patreon: Books in the Freezer is a delightful horror book podcast hosted by Stephanie (Htat’s What he Read on Booktube***), and as part of their $5 “Malevolent Spirit” Patreon membership, you can access bonus episodes including a new episode series featuring Stephanie and her husband as they read their way through The Stand.

Check out the first look at the new The Stand miniseries hitting CBS All Access (release date still unannounced) on Vanity Fair: “Exclusive: Stephen King’s The Stand Comes to Life Again”

Have yet to experience the glory that is The Stand? Read or listen along by borrowing an ebook or audiobook copy from your public library via Hoopla, Libby, or whichever lending app they use! Not sure how all that works? Give them a call to ask what’s available to you digitally while their doors are closed due to our own lil pandemic over here. Librarians would be happy to get you started on your King adventure. Join us!